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Xclusive Spa & Salon offers a plethora of services to its customers. We also offer some exciting and budget-friendly packages that you can avail on your visit. We take pride in providing premium services to all our clients. We want happy clients, and so, we offer all kinds of Spa and Salon services that you need for your overall grooming. Once you come here, you don’t have to go anywhere because you will find all the grooming services that you desire under one roof.

Here is the list of services that we offer with all the details!

  • Bridal Makeup

    Bridal Makeup

    The wedding day is, perhaps, the most important day for any girl. Therefore, we offer special packages for our bride-to-be. We have top makeup artists who are adept at all kinds of bridal makeup and can give you a look that you desire on your wedding day. To make sure that you are happy with your look on your D-day, we also offer pre-bridal makeup services where you can try out the makeup that you want and decide if it would go well on that day or not. We take extra care to offer the best services to everyone who wishes to avail our bridal makeup services.

  • Party Makeup

    Party Makeup

    We also offer special services for party makeup. Our makeup artists are highly trained and are adept in understanding the style that you would like to choose for your party. You just need to tell them your imagined look and the shades that you prefer, and they will do the work for you. Alternatively, if you are very particular about what you want, they will do as you say. Everyone appreciates our party makeup services. We also offer special packages that include hairstyling. You can ask your stylist about these packages when you visit us.

  • Haircut & Finish

    Haircut & Finish

    Hair is one of the most important things. It defines you and your personality. Finding a hairdresser who can style your hair the way you like it is truly a blessing in disguise. We assure you that at Xclusive Spa & Salon, you will find the perfect hairdresser for your hair. We have highly trained hairdressers who go out of their way to give you the hairstyle and the look that you desire. We have specialists who can work with different types of hair and styling.

    Moreover, after the haircut, our stylists also give you a nice finish and some tips on taking care of your hair on a daily basis. We treat every customer with the utmost attention and offer them personalized services based on their needs and requirements. Once you try out our haircut and finish service, you will never be able to switch to another one.

  • Facials & Clean-Up

    Facials & Clean-Up

    Proper skin care is essential for healthy skin. If you want to avoid blemishes, acne, wrinkles and fine lines in the later years of your life, it is super important that you give the right treatment to your skin at the right time. Therefore, clean up, and facial are essential things that need to be included in your skin regimen. We offer various types of clean up and facial services with high-quality products. They include but are not limited to the following:

    These are some popular packages that our customers love and avail regularly. We also offer some customized packages for your skin care. If you have sensitive or problematic skin or if you come to us for your regular skin care regimen, we will have something personalized to offer you for sure!

  • Body Massage

    Body Massage

    We have some special packages for spa and body massage to release all the accumulated tension from your body. We offer special packages focusing on specific areas where the stress is usually accumulated. Our therapists are highly trained and know how to tap into those body parts where a high amount of tension is built up! Some of our massage packages include:

    These are some packages that we offer to your customers. We also offer some customized packages based on your needs and requests. We are very flexible in offering our services and tailor it completely to your needs to give you the best experience and prices. Once you come to us to avail our massage services, you will go back home with a more relaxed body and mind. All your built-up tension will be released, and you will feel more rejuvenated than ever.

  • Hair Spa

    Hair Spa

    Hair Spa is another essential when it comes to beauty and grooming. We offer some great hair spa options to bring your hair back to life. In today’s times, we are all busy and hardly get any time to improve the health of our hair. Moreover, pollution and free radicals in the air make things worse and leave most of us with lifeless hair. That is why we have some special hair spa services that you can avail to help your hair grow healthily. When you come to Xclusive Spa & Salon for hair spa, you are assured to get the best experience. You will notice the difference in your hair quality after you avail our hair spa services regularly.

  • Manicure & Pedicure

    Manicure & Pedicure

    Taking care of your nails is as important as considering the health of your skin and hair. In order to ensure an overall grooming and healthcare regimen, you must definitely include a manicure and pedicure in your schedule the next time you visit a salon. We provide personalized manicure and pedicure services using premium and good-quality products to ensure you have a full experience while we take care of your hands and nails. In addition to that, we make the entire experience incredibly comfortable and satisfying for our customers to ensure we leave them wanting more with each subsequent visit.